Dave Mustaine: Stop rewarding losers

Dave mustaine

Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine believes competition in the music industry is a good thing – and wants the world to stop rewarding losers.

And he’s recalled how his mum’s conversion to the Jehovah’s Witness faith “ruined” his childhood.

Megadeth are currently touring in support of latest album Dystopia, which was released last year.

Mustaine tells 97X: “Part of the reason I’m difficult to work with is because I demand the best that I can possibly to myself, and you tend to expect that from others.

“In order to win you want to surround yourself with champions – if you let everybody off easy, you get what you deserve.

“Part of the reason I’ve been successful for 35 years, had two great bands that I’ve been in and nearing a hundred million record sales is because I’ve really pushed myself.

“If you have a coach on a team, you want somebody who’s striving for perfection. You don’t want somebody who’s going to say ‘That’s good enough.’

“It’s like those trophies they give to kids when they lose. You’re just breeding inadequacy – ‘It’s okay to be a loser. Everybody gets a trophy. We all win.’”

He continues: “In the music industry, when people say there’s no competition, I cry foul. I think that’s crap. There’s numbers on the charts for a reason. I like pushing myself, not only musically, but in all areas of my life.”

Mustaine believes his Christianity is “easy” compared to his strict upbringing, saying: “My mum became a Jehovah’s Witness when I was seven, and that totally ruined my life.

“When everybody stands up and does the Pledge of Allegiance, and you’ve got to stand like a dork with your hands at your sides, and everybody’s having birthdays and you’re not, and no Christmas, and you can’t have any friends because they’re all Pagan – that really scarred me.

“When I found out that God wasn’t this gnarly God with gnashing teeth, keeping the hottest corner of Hell waiting for me, I realised, ‘This isn’t that hard. I’ve made a really difficult thing out of something that’s really beautiful.’”

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Oct 07: Moline iWireless Centre, IL
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Oct 09: Detroit Loe Louis Arena, MI
Oct 11: Bethlehem Sandes Event Center, PA
Oct 12: Worcester DCU Center, MA
Oct 13: Uncasville Mohegan Sun Arena, CT
Oct 14: Newark Prudential Center, NJ
Oct 16: Camden BB&T Pavilion, NJ

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