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Megadeth and Thin Lizzy colouring books to be released later this month

Megadeth and Thin Lizzy colouring books
(Image credit: Rock N' Roll Colouring)

It’s a universally-accepted truth that music can play a big part when it comes to keeping a healthy and happy mind. But now, thanks to Rock N' Roll Colouring, music and mindfulness have finally become one with the latest in their series of rock and metal colouring books. Always thought the colour scheme on Jailbreak was kinda off? Wanna give the Megadeth logo a new look? Well, now you can, as the new books collect your favourite pieces of artwork from some of the biggest names in rock and metal ready for a soothing colouring in sesh. Their latest release features two colouring books full of iconic designs from Thin Lizzy and Megadeth.

Each book is printed on high quality paper and is fully endorsed, licensed and ready to be filled to the brim with colour. Just grab the crayons/pencils/pens/blood of your enemies and colour in to your heart’s content. Colour in the intricate designs as accurately as you can to the original artwork, or give them an entirely new look, it's entirely up to you.

Previously, Rock N' Roll Colouring released books dedicated to Motorhead and Judas Priest, which were extremely popular. If you fancy the new batch of Thin Lizzy / Megadeth designs, then you can pre-order it now, or wait until its release on April 26. 

Thin Lizzy colouring book

(Image credit: Rock N' Roll Colouring)

Megadeth colouring book

(Image credit: Rock N' Roll Colouring)
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