Max Cavalera recalls meeting Slipknot's Paul Gray for the first time: "He was a member of the Sepultura fanclub"

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In the new issue of Metal Hammer, Soulfly icon Max Cavalera and Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor reflect on the creation of their nu metal flavoured 2000 collaboration, Jumpdafuckup

After successfully re-launching his career with Soulfly's self-titled 1998 debut, Max was looking to branch out stylistically with the band's second record, Primitive. Speaking to Hammer, he admits to being influenced by the collaborative nature of 90s hip-hop, which led him to invite guests including Tom Araya, Chino Moreno and Sean Lennon (son of Beatles legend John) to feature on tracks. 

Slipknot were a hot new band at that point, having taken the world by storm with their own 1999 self-titled debut and legendary appearances at that year's Ozzfest. The band had come onto Max's radar through a mutual friend. "He showed me Wait And Bleed, and I loved that first record - it was phenomenal," Max gushes.

As it turns out, the affection went both ways, as Max was later introduced to late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray when the band played a show near Max's home in Phoenix, Arizona. "[My friend] brought Paul to my house and he confessed he was a member of the Sepultura fanclub, the Nomadic Warriors," Max says happily. "He had the card with him in his wallet, pulled it out and showed me. That was fucking cool man, it was a moment."

Not long after that meeting, Max reached out to Corey and asked him to feature on the track Jumpdafuckup, jokingly telling Hammer, "we basically kidnapped Corey Taylor". Nonetheless, the results spoke for themselves - Jumpdafuckup is Soulfly's biggest streaming hit with over 32 million plays on Spotify alone, a regular fixture at metal clubs around the world. 

Read the full feature in the latest issue of Metal Hammer, on-sale now. Order your copy online and get it delivered right to your door. 

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