Mastodon's Dailor: Sometimes I wish I only played drums

Mastodon’s Brann Dailor admits to sometimes wishing he only played drums, instead of singing as well.

He occasionally finds double-duties a struggle – especially if he’s not at full health.

The band are currently touring in support of sixth album Once More ‘Round The Sun, launched last year.

Dailor tells The Aquarian: “I need everything to be perfect with my health because I have to belt out my notes. They’re really high notes and you can’t belt strong if you’re playing too hard.

“When your body is playing so hard it’s basically like sitting on an exercise machine. So if you try to go soft with it, you’ll hear like you’re beating on your chest when you’re singing. You really have to go for it.”

He continues: “I want it to sound like it sounds on the record, so I’ll push myself as hard as I possibly can. I’ve blown my voice out and then I have to go apologise to each and every person after the show – let them know how sorry I am about that one part.”

Things can be especially tough if he’s suffering from a cold or flu. “Sometimes I wish I can go back and just play the drums and don’t do vocals so I don’t have to worry about when I have a cold,” Dailor says.

But it’s a little easier now the band are older. “We were notoriously a party band when we first started,” the drummer recalls. “You get out here, there’s beer everywhere, and everyone wants to party with you.

“If you can make it past those first 10 years, it’s easier to figure out how to stay the next 10 years. We’re not those guys any more.

“It’s really just about the show and trying to take care of yourself. When you’re out here you’re not sleeping as well. Your immune system is compromised. Everyone takes vitamins.”

Mastodon play the Reading and Leeds festivals on August 29 and 30, as part of a wider European tour.

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