Watch Corey Taylor and Bullet For My Valentine gatecrash Margot Robbie's interview and make her week

Margot Robbie reacting to a message from Corey Taylor
(Image credit: BBC (via Youtube))

Many metal fans are already well aware that Hollywood A-lister Margot Robbie is a lifelong metalhead. The star of the likes of The Wolf Of Wall Street, The Suicide Squad, Babylon and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood has professed her love of heavy music on numerous occasions, most memorably leaping to the defence of Slipknot and metal music in general on The Graham Norton show in an interesting conversation with fellow actress Cate Blanchett earlier this year.

Robbie's metal fandom evidently didn't escape the attention of former BBC Radio 1 presenter Nick Grimshaw, who surprised the actress on a unique interview on his show in 2018 in the sweetest way possible.

Taking part in a fun segment titled Heart Rate Monitor, in which Robbie's heart rate is measured as she is exposed to some of her favourite things (chocolate!) and people (Cara Delevingne!), Grimshaw references Robbie's love of the heavy stuff, noting: "You're a big music fan! You love metal, don't you? Who are some of your favourite bands?"

"I mean, when I was young I was really into Metallica, I went to a Slipknot concert when I was younger, that was one of the best ones, but I was into, like, Thrice, Bullet For My Valentine..."

"OK," interrupts Grimshaw, "well how much of a fan would you say are of Bullet For My Valentine?"

"Ooh, big fan, yeah!" shoots back Robbie. 

Queue Grimshaw introducing the Welsh heavy metal heroes themselves, who, mid-show in Saskatoon, Canada, dedicate hallmark anthem Tears Don't Fall to the former Neighbours star. "Margot, this one's for you!" shouts Bullet frontman Matt Tuck to a 15,000-strong chorus of cheers, shocking and delighting Robbie, who seemingly can't believe her luck.

Grimshaw isn't done, however. After fooling Robbie into believing that the surprises have ended there, the presenter throws to none other than Slipknot and Stone Sour icon Corey Taylor, who has a personal message for Robbie that has her practically delirious with joy.

"Hi Margot, it's Corey from Slipknot," says Taylor (as if Robbie needed the explainer). "Heard you were a massive fan, heard you came to see Slipknot a long time ago, and I just wanted to thank you, to say how chuffed I am about your success, it's really, really massive. 

"If you ever want to come to another Slipknot show, just let us know!" he adds. Judging by Robbie's reaction, we suspect she may take the band up on that one.

There's just no doubting it: Margot is one of us. Watch the delightfully wholesome footage below.

Merlin Alderslade
Executive Editor, Louder

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