Malefice detail Gravitas EP


Malefice have announced they will release fresh material later this year.

The Gravitas EP contains four new tracks along with a remix of previous single V. To mark the announcement, the band have made opening track Forsaken available to stream. Hear it below.

It’s their first release since 2012’s Five and following an intense touring schedule to support that record, they decided to take a break. The band came back together recently, with the addition of new drummer James Pearly Cook, and decided to carry on as they wanted to make “fucking heavy music to headbang to.”

Frontman Dale Butler says: “After taking some time out from the band to do our own things and focus on our own lives, we came back together not feeling we had given all we have to give to Malefice.

“We spent a long, booze-fuelled evening talking about what we want to do and what came out of that discussion is that we want to write music we like. We don’t want to write music to fit in or to sound like whatever is cool this year.

“We’re going back to what makes us Malefice and we’re gonna write some fucking heavy music to headbang to.

Gravitas is currently available to pre-order, while the band will announce tour dates in the coming weeks.

Gravitas tracklist

  1. Forsaken 2. Heroes 3. Escape 4. My Design 5. V