Lynch Mob detail Sun Red Sun


Lynch Mob will release their latest album titled Sun Red Sun in December, they’ve announced.

It launches on December 9 via Rat Pak Records and the band have released a teaser video to mark the announcement. Hear it below.

The group features guitarist and mainman George Lynch, vocalist Oni Longan, bassist Robbie Crane and drummer Scot Coogan – the same lineup who recorded the Sound Mountain Sessions EP in 2012.

The album contains four remastered tracks from the EP, along with seven new songs, including a cover of Bad Company’s Burnin’ Sky. The title track has been written as a tribute to late Badlands and Black Sabbath frontman Ray Gillen, who died in 1993.

Longan tells The Double Stop: “I was brothers with Ray – he was a good dude and a great guy to me. He was an unbelievable talent. Sun Red Sun is written in the idea that I’m speaking for him and I’m speaking for me. Sun Red Sun, shine on me forever. You’ll hear it in the lyrics when you hear the song. Ray is a dominant and principal meaning in the title of the album.”

Meanwhile, Lynch is also working with Stryper mainman Michael Sweet on a musical project titled Sweet Lynch. They recently released a lyric video for the track September, which was written as a tribute to the victims of the 911 terror attacks in the US.

Sun Red Sun tracklist

  1. Believers Of The Day 2. Erotika 3. Burnin’ Sky 4. Black Waters 5. Play The Game 6. Subliminal Dream 7. Sun Red Sun 8. Slow Drag (bonus) 9. World Of Chance (bonus) 10. City Of Freedom (bonus) 11. Sucka (bonus)