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Lucifer's Friend guitarist Peter Hesslein releases solo album

Peter Hesslein
(Image credit: Eike Hesslein)

Lucifer's Friend founding member band guitarist Peter Hesslein has released his first ever solo album, Night Drive, through Lucifer's Records/Cherry Red. You can see the new album artwork and tracklisting for the 11-song album below.

"I dedicate this album to all artists who work at night, as their normal working hours, but then have to drive home," says Hesslein.

Lucifer’s Friend originally formed in Hamburg in 1970, and were known for featuring future Uriah Heep vocalist John Lawton in their ranks. The band reformed in 2015 and since then has released two albums, Too Late To Hate (2016) and Black Moon (2019).

Get Night Drive.

Peter Hesslein

(Image credit: Peter Hesslein)

Peter Hesslein: Night Drive
1. Turn The Radio On
2. Slow Down A Bit
3. Feeling Hungry
4. Looking At The Moon
5. Long way To Go
6. Blinded By The Lights
7. Winding Road
8. Close To Midnight
9. Getting Tired
10. Time For Coffee
11. A Beautiful Night
12. Exit The Highway
13. Crossing The Bridge
14. Home Again
15. Falling Asleep