Listen to Soundgarden’s Birth Ritual outtake


Soundgarden have streamed a previously-unreleased studio outtake of their track Birth Ritual.

It appears on the 25th anniversary edition of Badmotorfinger, which arrives on November 18.

The project has been two years in the making after Soundgarden launched an extended version of Superunknown in 2014. Guitarist Kim Thayil said at the time: “Badmotorfinger had an impact with listeners, but also with guitarists, drummers and singers – people who started bands. It definitely deserves the same kind of treatment we’re giving Superunknown.”

Meanwhile, the band continue work on their next album, tentatively scheduled for launch in 2017. Thayil recently said: “Over the past year we’ve had a number of songwriting and jam sessions, getting together to exchange ideas and document and record them. We have some rough demos of a dozen or so songs.

“We’ll continue to do this as everyone’s schedule opens up, and hopefully by next year we’ll find ourselves in the studio fleshing out these ideas.”

Frontman Chris Cornell and drummer Matt Cameron are currently touring with the reunited Temple Of The Dog.

Badmotorfinger Super Deluxe Edition Tracklist

CD 1 – Original Album Remastered

  1. Rusty Cage
  2. Outshined
  3. Slaves & Bulldozers
  4. Jesus Christ Pose
  5. Face Pollution
  6. Somewhere
  7. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
  8. Room A Thousand Years Wide
  9. Mind Riot
  10. Drawing Flies
  11. Holy Water
  12. New Damage

CD 2 – Studio Outtakes – * = Previously Unreleased

  1. Rusty Cage (Studio Outtake)*
  2. Outshined (Studio Outtake)*
  3. Slaves & Bulldozers (Studio Outtake)*
  4. Jesus Christ Pose (Studio Outtake)*
  5. Face Pollution (Studio Outtake) *
  6. Somewhere (Studio Outtake)*
  7. Searching With My Good Eye Closed (Studio Outtake)*
  8. Room A Thousand Years Wide (Studio Outtake)*
  9. Drawing Flies (Studio Outtake)*
  10. Holy Water (Studio Outtake)*
  11. Cold Bitch (Studio Outtake)*
  12. She’s A Politician (Studio Outtake)*
  13. Black Rain (Studio Outtake)*
  14. Birth Ritual (Studio Outtake)*
  15. Blind Dogs (Studio Outtake)*
  16. New Damage (with Brian May)

CD 3 – Live At The Paramount (Part 1)

  1. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
  2. Hands All Over
  3. Drawing Flies
  4. Room A Thousand Years Wide
  5. Gun
  6. Flower
  7. Little Joe
  8. Big Dumb Sex
  9. Face Pollution
  10. Incessant Mace
  11. Rusty Cage

CD 4 – Live At The Paramount (Part 2)

  1. Outshined
  2. Mind Riot
  3. Beyond The Wheel
  4. Into The Void (Sealth)
  5. Jesus Christ Pose
  6. Hunted Down
  7. Somewhere
  8. Slaves & Bulldozers

Disc 5 – Live At The Paramount DVD

  1. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
  2. Hands All Over
  3. Drawing Flies
  4. Room A Thousand Years Wide
  5. Gun
  6. Flower
  7. Little Joe
  8. Big Dumb Sex
  9. Face Pollution
  10. Incessant Mace
  11. Rusty Cage
  12. Outshined
  13. Mind Riot
  14. Beyond The Wheel
  15. Into The Void (Sealth)
  16. Jesus Christ Pose
  17. Hunted Down
  18. Somewhere
  19. Slaves & Bulldozers

Disc 6 – Motorvision + More DVD

1.Searching With My Good Eye Closed

2.Rusty Cage


4.Little Joe

5.Mind Riot

6.Room A Thousand Years Wide

7.Jesus Christ Pose

8.Slaves & Bulldozers

Bonus Videos – * = Previously Unreleased

  1. Outshined (Live in Dallas 4.29.92)*
  2. Jesus Christ Pose (Live in Dallas 4.29.92)*
  3. Rusty Cage (Live at Roseland Ballroom 5.09.92)*
  4. Jesus Christ Pose (Live at Pinkpop Festival 7.08.92)*
  5. Slaves & Bulldozers (Live at Pinkpop Festival 7.08.92)*
  6. Slaves & Bulldozers (Live in Seattle 7.12.92)*
  7. Face Pollution (Live in Seattle 7.12.92)*
  8. Searching With My Good Eye Closed (Live in Seattle 7.22.92)*
  9. Drawing Flies (Live in Miami 8.22.92)*
  10. Cop Killer (Live in Miami 8.22.92)*
  11. Room A Thousand Years Wide (Live in Miami 8.22.92)*
  12. Jesus Christ Pose (Music Video)
  13. Outshined (Music Video)
  14. Rusty Cage (Music Video)

Disc 7 – Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Surround Sound & Remastered Stereo – *= Previously Released

  1. Rusty Cage*
  2. Outshined*
  3. Slaves & Bulldozers*
  4. Jesus Christ Pose*
  5. Face Pollution*
  6. Somewhere*
  7. Searching With My Good Eye Closed*
  8. Room A Thousand Years Wide*
  9. Mind Riot*
  10. Drawing Flies*
  11. Holy Water*
  12. New Damage*
  13. B-Sides
  14. Cold Bitch*
  15. She’s A Politician*
  16. Birth Ritual*

Bonus Videos

  1. Jesus Christ Pose (Music Video)
  2. Outshined (Music Video)
  3. Rusty Cage (Music Video)

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