Listen to Linkin Park's previously unreleased Meteora-era banger, Fighting Myself

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Following the release of the previously-unheard Lost, which scored the band their highest charting single since 2007, Linkin Park have uncovered another track from the vaults, the hard-hitting Fighting Myself.

The song will feature on the nu-metal heroes' forthcoming 20th anniversary edition of 2003's Meteora, which is scheduled for release on April 7.

Fighting Myself arrives with an anime-style Jacky Lu-directed video, created via Kaiber artificial intelligence. The visuals unravel in a kaleidoscopic fashion, uncovering serene water-coloured landscapes littered with looming stone structures and trees that blend into clouded skies.

The song itself features late frontman Chester Bennington delivering sweeping vocal melodies and the chorus lyric "Falling from grace I watch it all come apart, Knowing I could have changed it all from the start, Fighting myself I always lose, Fighting myself I always lose" between trademark Mike Shinoda rapping and staccato, fiery riffs.  

Apparently, Shinoda only recalled that Fighting Myself existed in instrumental form, but was surprised to uncover vocal stems of himself and Chester Bennington.  He now calls the song  “a definitive Linkin Park track.” 

Meteora 20th Anniversary Edition will be available on a variety of formats, including a Limited Edition Super Deluxe Box Set, 4 LP Deluxe Vinyl Box Set, 3-disc Deluxe CD and digital. 

Listen to Fighting Myself below:

Meteora reissue tracklists

1. ‘Foreword’
2. ‘Don’t Stay’
3. ‘Somewhere I Belong’
4. ‘Lying From You’
5. ‘Hit The Floor’
6. ‘Easier To Run’
7. ‘Faint’
8. ‘Figure.09’
9. ‘Breaking The Habit’
10. ‘From The Inside’
11. ‘Nobody’s Listening’
12. ‘Session’
13. ‘Numb’

‘LPU Rarities 2.0’
1. ‘A.06’
2. ‘Pretty Birdy (Somewhere I Belong 2002 Demo)’
3. ‘Sold My Soul To Yo Mama’
4. ‘Standing In The Middle’
5. ‘Program (Meteora Demo)’
6. ‘Faint (Demo 2002)’
7. ‘Figure.09 (Demo 2002)’
8. ‘Drawing (Breaking The Habit Demo 2002)’
9. ‘Cumulus (2002 Demo)’
10. ‘A-Six (Original Long Version)’
11. ‘Soundtrack (Meteora Demo)’
12. ‘Broken Foot (Meteora Demo)’
13. ‘Ominous (Meteora Demo)’
14. ‘Unfortunate (Unreleased Demo 2002)’
15. ‘Pepper (Meteora Demo)’
16. ‘Breaking The Habit (Original Mike 2002 Demo)’
17. ‘Halo (Unreleased Demo 2002)’
18. ‘Rhinocerous (2002 Demo)’
19. ‘Attached (2003 Demo)’

‘Live Rarities 2003-2004’
1. ‘Lying From You (Live LPU Tour 2003)’
2. ‘From The Inside (Live LPU Tour 2003)’
3. ‘Easier To Run (Live LPU Tour 2003)’
4. ‘Step Up (Live Projekt Revolution 2002)’
5. ‘My December (Live Projekt Revolution 2002)’
6. ‘Crawling (Live Reading Festival 2003)’
7. ‘Breaking The Habit (Live Rock Am Ring 2004)’
8. ‘Step Up/Nobody’s Listening/It’s Goin’ Down (Live)’
9. ‘Wish (Live Projekt Revolution 2004)’
10. ‘One Step Closer featuring Jonathan Davis (Live Projekt Revolution 2004)’

‘Live In Texas’ **
1. ‘Don’t Stay’
2. ‘Somewhere I Belong’
3. ‘Lying From You’
4. ‘Papercut’
5. ‘Side Two’
6. ‘Points Of Authority’
7. ‘Runaway’
8. ‘Faint’
9. ‘From The Inside’
10. ‘Figure.09’
11. ‘With You’
12. ‘By Myself’
13. ‘P5hng Me A*Wy’
14. ‘Numb’
15. ‘Crawling’
16. ‘In The End’
17. ‘A Place For My Head’
18. ‘One Step Closer’

‘Live In Nottingham 2003’ **
1. ‘Session’
2. ‘Don’t Stay ’
3. ‘Somewhere I Belong’
4. ‘Lying From You’
5. ‘Papercut’
6. ‘Points Of Authority’
7. ‘Runaway’
8. ‘Faint’
9. ‘From The Inside’
10. ‘Hit The Floor’
11. ‘With You’
12. ‘Crawling  ’
13. ‘In The End ’
14. ‘Easier To Run’
15. ‘A Place For My Head ’
16. ‘One Step Closer’

‘Lost Demos’ **
1. ‘Lost’
2. ‘Fighting Myself’
3. ‘More The Victim’
4. ‘Massive’
5. ‘Healing Foot’
6. ‘A6 (Meteora|20  Demo)’
7. ‘Cuidado (Lying From You Demo)’
8. ‘Husky (Hit The Floor Demo)’
9. ‘Interrogation (Easier To Run Demo)’
10. ‘Faint (Meteora|20  Demo)’
11. ‘Plaster 2 (Figure.09 Demo)’
12. ‘Shifter (From The Inside Demo)’
13. ‘Wesside’
14. ‘Resolution’

** only available on the digital edition and “super deluxe” box set

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