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Lars Ulrich's sons form band and preview new music

Lars Ulrich sons form band Taipei Houston
(Image credit: Taipei Houston)

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has shared the news that his sons, Layne and Myles, have formed their very own band, called Taipei Houston.

The brothers announced the project earlier this month with the launch of an official Instagram account, which features clips of the pair rehearsing. 

Sharing footage from the page, Lars has taken to his own Instagram profile to spread the word of the newly formed duo. Within the clip, 20-year-old Layne takes bass and vocal duties while 24-year-old brother Myles follows in the footsteps of his father on drums. 

Although you might expect the offspring of one of the world's greatest thrash metal bands to carry on the flame of the genre, Taipei Houston are very different. From what we can gather from the brief few clips, the pair vigorously channel the fuzz-laden, riff-centric sounds of Royal Blood while incorporating the savvy high-spirited vocal prowess of Jack White.

As a matter of fact, this isn't the first time proud dad Lars has shared his sons' music either. In April 2020, the drummer shared the pair's heavy take of The Beatles tune Eleanor Rigby, which he described as a "insane, three-minute Blue Cheer, crazy, garage-rock version.”

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the cover, Ulrich declared "Obviously, there’s been some incredible versions of Eleanor Rigby along the way, but I’m pretty sure there’s never been one that had this kind of sound, this kind of feel, this kind of energy and madness to it. I was, like, ‘You know what, boys? You done me proud.'”

Check out the clips below:

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