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Blythe goes back to ballet

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe loved writing music for ballet so much that he’s jumped at the chance to do it again.

Earlier this year he collaborated with Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick on a piece for the New Works Festival, organised by Richmond Ballet in Virginia.

Now Blythe tells Noisey: “I’m composing a new piece for the Richmond – it’s really cool because the don’t fucking know who Lamb Of God is. They don’t give a fuck about heavy metal, but they dig the stuff I did.

“My buddy is choreographing another piece. He wanted to use me again and they were totally stoked. Creativity is in overdrive.”

He’s also preparing for a photography exhibition in New York in May – and says his interest in shooting images was one of the things that helped him endure his manslaughter trial in the Czech Republic in 2013.

Blythe says: “I went around and shot everywhere in Prague, particularly at night. Prague is a magic city, completely gorgeous. I was there for probably one of the worst reasons you could be there, and I still fell in love with the place.

“It really did help me get out of my head – if I’d just been sitting there thinking, ‘Fuck, I might go to prison,’ I’d go nuts.”

Meanwhile, Lamb Of God are gearing up to record their eighth album in the coming months. The frontman reports: “What the guys have been writing sounds pretty monstrous thus far.”