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Labonte: All That Remains' last album sucked

All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte believes their last album was one of their worst – and he’s vowed their upcoming seventh release will be better by far.

But he’s suggested the band are experiencing friction with their record label.

They recently put the finishing touches on the follow-up to 2012’s A War You Cannot Win, and it’s expected early next year via Razor & Tie.

Labonte tells The Jasta Show: “I think this record is far and away better than our last one. A War You Cannot Win had some of our biggest singles – I think, overall, the record sucked.”

He prefers 2010 title For We Are Many, but says of their next outing: “Personally, I think we have a lot of songs that are better. We’ve got 12 songs and there’s probably four or five that are beginning-to-end singing. There’s some screaming worked into two or three.”

But he’s not happy about an experience he and producer Josh Wilbur had after they’d collaborated on lyrics. “One of the label guys was, like, ‘Are you okay with these lyrics?’ And he wasn’t asking me, he was asking Josh.

“It was a ‘scream’ song, so, from my perspective, that’s my art. I’m like, ‘So you’re going to criticise my art? Go fuck yourself. Now, not only am I not interested in what you’re going to say about this song – I’m not interested in what you’re going to say about anything else. You’ve completely destroyed your credibility.’”

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