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Korn consider DJ-style live show

Korn guitarist Munky is considering the possibility of having the band play a set of part songs instead of full ones – as another way of doing things differently.

He believes the band avoided becoming a “thing of the past” with 2013 album The Paradigm Shift, their first since the return of Brian ‘Head’ Welch after an eight-year absence. And he wants Korn to remain ahead of the pack.

Munky tells Mancunion: “I came up with the title – it felt like, with Head coming back, and the fact we were reaching our 20th anniversary, it was time to move forward and shift our way of thinking.

“We wanted to push ourselves. We don’t want to fade out. I don’t want to sound pretentious, but we want to excel. In my heart, when I was a kid, I wanted to be the next Metallica. I’m not saying we’re anything near that – but I think we did present a new way of thinking about metal.”

And the guitarist wants to keep thinking differently. “With such a massive library of songs to choose from, we might have to change our way of playing in the future,” he says. “Perhaps we’ll play songs in part, then switch it up at the bridge, the way DJs do it. That way our fans can hear more stuff.”

Former drummer David Silveria last week launched legal action against his ex-colleagues, saying he was prevented from returning to the band and arguing he’s still part of the organisation. Korn play a one-off show at London’s Brixton Academy in July, where they’re expected to perform their 1994 self-titled debut album in full.