Korn aim for dirty 12th album


Korn guitarist James ‘Munky’ Shaffer says the band are planning to write heavier and longer tracks for their 12th album.

But he believes they’ll keep some of the feel they delivered on last year’s The Paradigm Shift, their first album with Brian ‘Head’ Welch since his return to the fold.

Last month Munky predicted there’d be a funky feel to their next work. Now he tells Pop-Break.com: “Head and I were talking about how we really want to keep the melodic element of what we captured on the last record – but really expand on the heavy riffs and get a bit dirtier.

“Maybe a little longer songs, with longer intros. And a little more math rock. Not prog rock, but maybe some slower grooves and stuff like that.”

Korn have faced criticism from fans for some of their more experimental moves, like their dubstep-fuelled 2011 album The Path Of Totality. But Munky says: “It’s about taking chances and going out on a limb. I really feel like we’ve gone out on a fucking plank, because sometimes there’s no turning back.

“You have to commit to it – and sometimes it’s, ‘Uh, I don’t know,’ and you kind of let go and see what happens.”

Korn, who recently released a video for their track Hater, launch a US tour on October 3 and they’ll remain on the road until December 7.