Stanley is family guy at heart


Kiss frontman Paul Stanley says the worst thing about being on tour is that he’s away from his family – and he allows for it when planning the band’s tours.

He can’t get used to leaving his three kids at home when he hits the road, but accepts he can’t take the nine-year-old, the six-year-old and the four-year-old out of school to go with him.

Stanley tells 612 ABC Brisbane: “Sometimes at night, it’s a bit of a struggle to not be home with my little ones.

“To pull them out just because I miss them would be selfish, and also detrimental. So I just try to limit the length of our tours.”

He believes he’s achieved a good balance that consists of being away for two or three weeks then home for four to eight weeks.

“I spend more time with my children than most dads who work 9 to 5,” he says. “I’m with my kids seven days a week when I’m home. I take them to school and pick them up. So I think the balance is pretty good.”

Stanley’s children attend the same school as Dave Grohl’s – leading to some spectacular fundraising events. “I play and Dave plays,” says the Kiss man. “I gladly do it. To be able to give back to a school that makes such a great educational home for my kids is something I enjoy doing.”