King 810 on lineup changes: No one is missed. The fat has been trimmed

(Image: © Katja Ogrin/Redferns - Getty)

King 810’s David Gunn has addressed fans’ questions about speculation surrounding the current lineup.

It appears that vocalist Gunn and bassist Eugene Hill are the only two members of the band remaining, with King 810 playing without a guitarist onstage since last year.

And following their decision to cancel their planned tour with Cane Hill, Gunn took questions on Facebook to try and shed light on the current situation.

King 810’s original statement on the tour cancellation read: “We regret to inform y'all we cannot make the upcoming Cane Hill tour. We had every intention on appearing but have encountered compounding obstacles since confirming. 

“We apologise to our fans and we will make this up to you in the future. Instead of posting and leaving it at that I'd like to try and answer whatever questions y'all may have.”

One fan posted that they were sorry to see departures from the band, to which Gunn replied: “We’re not sorry anyone’s gone. No one is missed. The fat has been trimmed, we're coming back stronger than ever, without weakness.”

And asked later if he’d consider having a live guitarist join them onstage again in the future, Gunn answered: “We will probably have touring members in the future to fill the spots for the live show for sure. 

“The past few times we couldn't lock one in in time. But, to be honest, it isn't black and white. Firstly when we go into the studio we want to make the best song we can. 

“We have sounds, instruments, noises that aren't even playable by people live so you automatically sacrifice that stuff to leaving it out or having a live programmer which we use."

He adds: “Secondly most of these ‘bands’ on this scene play to tracks and have someone up there pantomiming like they’re playing. We don’t do that because we don’t lie to people.”

As for the status of the follow up to Memoirs Of A Murderer and La Petite Mort Or A Conversation With God, the vocalist says: “Working on it these past few months and will keep working on it this month and next. The third LP is beyond both of those two combined.”

Earlier this year, YouTube removed King 810’s video for Killem All due to it containing “hate speech” but was quickly reinstated after Gunn strongly denied the accusation.