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King 810: Memoirs Of A Murderer

Anger-fuelled post-nu-metal brutality.

King 810 are a worrisome parent’s worst nightmare. Not only do they deal in vitriol-soaked lyrics and abrasive songs, but their anger is genuine.

Memoirs Of A Murderer encapsulates frontman David Gunn’s experience of growing up in Flint, Michigan – also known as America’s most violent city. Sonically, they’re similar to Slipknot as there’s a distinct nod to nu metal with the same raw aggression, and King 810 will likely attract a similar fan base of tumultuous teenagers.

It’s not all riled-up ragers though; they also have ballads, groove-heavy beats and even a country strum to make up this complicated – and far too long, at 16 songs – collection. But overall, whether this will appeal beyond angsty teenagers is questionable.