Kim Seviour talks Recovery Is Learning

Kim Seviour
Kim Seviour

Kim Seviour has released two videos where she explains in detail all nine tracks from her new album Recovery Is Learning.

The former Touchstone singer’s debut solo album arrived late last month via White Star Records following the launch of tracks Chiasma and the title track.

In the pair of clips, Seviour goes into detail about the inspiration and meaning of the songs.

Speaking about the title track, Seviour says: “There’s a friend of mine who was going in for some hospital treatment. I was on the way into the studio and she was on her way for this treatment. She was messaging me about how she was feeling and it just made me think about her and my friends.

“It’s just saying, ’It’s OK to either try and be strong or it’s OK to not be strong – just let go and go with it.”

Seviour co-wrote the new album with Frost* and Lonely Robot’s John Mitchell, who said it was a privilege to work with the singer.

Mitchell said: “Having discussed the idea of doing an album together for many years now, it was an absolute pleasure to finally bring Recovery Is Learning to fruition and work with one of my oldest and dearest friends.

“Kim is a genuine talent – her voice is to my mind the greatest female voice we have on the prog scene at present and to get to co-write songs that both suit her vocal stylings and enable to her to realise her artistic vision was a real privilege.”

Find the two videos and the Recovery Is Learning cover art and tracklist below.

Kim Seviour Recovery Is Learning tracklist

  1. Chiasma
  2. Call To Action
  3. Connect
  4. Faberge
  5. Mother Wisdom
  6. The Dive
  7. Where She Sleeps
  8. Recovery Is Learning
  9. Morning Of The Soul

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