Katatonia detail Sanctitude

Veteran Swedish metal outfit Katatonia have revealed details on their upcoming live DVD Sanctitude.

It’s set to launch on March 30 via Kscope and follows 2014’s Last Fair Day Gone Night which was filmed at London’s Koko in 2011.

Sanctitude captured the band in concert at London’s Union Chapel in May last year on the acoustic Unplugged & Reworked tour. And guitarist Anders Nystrom admits the group were apprehensive about presenting their material in a new way.

He says: “As a band we set out on uncharted waters but, while apprehensive about the journey ahead, our intentions couldn’t have been more genuine to undertake this beautiful experience. Sailing this project into harbour turned out to be bliss and has ultimately enriched all the members of Katatonia.”

Joining the group on guitar and vocals is The Pineapple Thief frontman Bruce Soord, who filled-in following the departure of guitarist Per Eriksson; the set also presents a guest appearance by Norwegian vocalist Silje Wergeland of The Gathering.

Sanctitude will be available in four formats, including Blu-ray, CD/DVD, 2LP and digital download. The Blu-ray and DVD include the documentary Beyond The Chapel featuring interviews with Nyström and frontman Jonas Renkse.

It’s currently available to pre-order direct via Kscope’s online store.

Sanctitude tracklist

  1. In The White 2. Ambitions 3. Teargas 4. Gone 5. A Darkness Coming 6. One Year From Now 7. The Racing Heart 8. Tonight’s Music 9. Sleeper 10. Undo You 11. Lethean 12. Day 13. Idle Blood 14. Unfurl 15. Omerta 16. Evidence 17. The One You Are Looking For Is Not Here