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Katatonia detail 4-disc live set

Katatonia will release a four-disc live set called Last Fair Day Gone Night on September 15, they’ve confirmed.

It was recorded during the Swedish outfit’s visit to Koko in London in 2011, and carries a total of 23 tracks on DVD and CD, including a full performance of their 2001 album Last Fair Deal Gone Down. A documentary marking the band’s 20th anniversary is also featured.

The show took place before Katatonia parted ways with guitarist Per Eriksson and drummer Daniel Liljekvist.



  1. Dispossession

  2. Chrome

  3. We Must Bury You

  4. Teargas

  5. I Transpire

  6. Tonight’s Music

  7. Clean Today

  8. The Future Of Speech

  9. Passing Bird

  10. Sweet Nurse

  11. Don’t Tell A Soul


  1. Brave

  2. Nephilim

  3. My Twin

  4. I Break

  5. Right Into The Bliss

  6. The Promise Of Deceit

  7. Wait Outside

  8. The Longest Year

  9. July

  10. New Night

  11. Dissolving Bonds

  12. Forsaker


Last Fair Day Gone Night Concert Film


A 20th Year Flashback Documentary

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