Judas Priest's Faulkner learning on the job

Judas Priest’s Richie Faulkner says he’s learning new skills just by being in the band.

He took over guitar duties in the group following the departure of KK Downing and plays on Priest’s latest album Redeemer Of Souls. And he calls himself a “heavy metal vagabond” as he’s always busy.

Faulkner tells Backstage Axxess: “I’m never in the same place for more than a month or so, because we’ve always got promotions, recording or writing to do – there’s always something going on every few months.

“So I’ve become a bit of a heavy metal vagabond. I think I’m young enough to do that and I don’t have to settle down here too much. And just being a part of Priest, you’re learning so much about the industry outside of playing guitar. I welcome the challenge.”

He continues: “Learning how to conduct yourself in meetings, in press and promos – all the things you don’t really learn about when you’re focused on your instrument is a good thing. It’s just a great education and a great experience. Every day there’s something new to experience and learn.”

The group have heaped praise on the axeman, with fellow guitarist Glenn Tipton previously saying his contribution on Redeemer Of Souls was “incredible” while bassist Ian Hill said he was a “joy to work with.”

Judas Priest are currently in the middle of a six-week North American tour that wraps in Tacoma, Washington on November 22.