Journey drummer Steve Smith to open art show

Journey drummer Steve Smith will open his art exhibition at a reception in New York on March 17.

He’ll discuss each piece of The Fabric Of Rhythm collection at the free event at the city’s Art On A Gallery venue, in Manhattan.

Smith says: “I call my collection The Fabric of Rhythm because I feel that this art is a view into the inner workings of the motions I use to make rhythms. With drumming, we hear only part of the motions that we make, and because the sticks and hands are generally travelling so fast, we don’t see all the motions being used.

“We hear the impact of the stick on a drumhead or cymbal, but we don’t hear the motions made in the spaces between the notes. The spaces in-between the notes are as important as the notes that we hear.

“With the process that we used to make this art, you see both the impacts and the spaces between the notes, it’s as if we are looking into the very fabric of the rhythms.“

The prints are part of a collaborative art movement led by a group of drummers in partnership with LA-based visual art team SceneFour to create original works. They’ve previously worked with Dave Lombardo and Bill Ward.

The collection will be on display from March 10 through April 7.

Smith previously said he planned to stay with Journey until he returns to his solo jazz project in 2018. He replaced Deen Castronovo, who was fired after a domestic violence incident resulted in a four-year probation sentence last year.

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