Iwrestledabearonce go ‘weird’ on Hail Mary


Iwrestledabearonce say they wanted to go for a “weird” sound on their upcoming album Hail Mary.

And guitarist Steven Bradley admits they deliberately set out to confound expectations on the follow-up to 2013’s Late For Nothing.

He tells Blabbermouth: “We wanted to write some straight-up heavy, crazy, gnarly music this time.

“We basically decided to just shit on everything people might be expecting and do something weird for us – take things in a darker direction and write some music that explores even more heavy and technical genres than in the past.

“We aim to destroy everything this time around, and I hope everyone’s on board with that.”

Frontwoman Courtney LaPlante, who replaced Krysta Cameron in 2012, admits she felt “a bit isolated” during the writing process for their last album as she’d just joined the band, but adds: “This time, I was there for every single moment. I was engrossed in it. Together, we watched little ideas bloom into what Hail Mary is now.”

Hail Mary will be released on June 15 via Artery Recordings and is available to pre-order via Amazon and iTunes.


  1. Gift Of Death 2. Remain Calm 3. Green Eyes 4. Erase It All 5. Curse The Spot 6. Doomed To Fail Pt 1 7. Doomed To fail Pt 2 8. Killed To Death 9. Trips 10. Man Of Virtue 11. Carbon Copy 12. Wade In The Water 13. We All Float Down Here 14. Your God Is Too Small