Maria Brink in new collaboration


In This Moment frontwoman Maria Brink has recorded another collaborative track – but won’t name the band she’s worked with.

She’s previously guested with Papa Roach on Gravity and Five Finger Death Punch on Anywhere But Here, and she says she loves being the “go-to” female singer for those team-ups.

Brink tells KFMX: “There’s another band, it’s somebody I really, really always liked a lot and was inspired by. You know, it’s an honour.”

And she reflects on how she uses her obsessive-compulsive disorder to plan In This Moment shows to perfection.

She says: “I have OCD and I use it to my advantage. I’m relentless. No matter what it is, I direct the lighting show and come up with the concept and the visuals for the live show. I’m always working on how we can make things better.

“The key is getting that all dialled in so I can just get lost in the show. Then I get into that slow motion feeling where everything’s like a dream.”

In This Moment released latest album Black Widow last year.