If Ace Frehley is asked to join Kiss on the road, he has one request…

Ace Frehley

Ace Frehley says he’s still not been asked to join Kiss on their End Of The Road tour.

The guitarist previously said he was “hoping” to get the call, while Paul Stanley said he wouldn’t rule out the possibility. Then, last month, Ace said that if he was asked back, he’d only do it to take his “throne back.”

And in a new interview with Rolling Stone, he says: “I haven’t been asked. When Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons call me up and say, ‘Do you wanna do a reunion tour?’ and write me a big cheque, you know, I’ll probably be there. 

“If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. What are you gonna do?”

As for his request, Ace says: “The last thing I heard is that Paul has his own dressing room, and that completely shocked me, because we always used to put on our make-up together, like four girls in a beauty parlour.

“We’d be talking while putting make-up on. It was a ritual. If I was to be asked to come back to the band, I’d want everybody to put on make-up together, like we used to.”

Frehley launched his new studio album Spaceman back in October, which features a guest appearance from Simmons.

Ace Frehley: Spaceman
Ace Frehley returns with his new studio album Spaceman, featuring the lead singles Bronx Boy and Rockin' With The Boys. The record will feature a guest appearance from Ace's old Kiss bandmate Gene Simmons.View Deal