Hurtsmile detail second album


Hurtsmile have announced details of their upcoming second album.

The band, fronted by former Extreme and Van Halen singer Gary Cherone, launch Retrogrenade on October 7 via the vocalist’s own label Slipkid Records.

And the new record, the follow-up to 2011’s self-titled debut, has been made possible thanks to a successful crowdfunding drive.

Cherone says: “The strength of this record is that all the members of the band contributed to the songwriting process which resulted in a wonderfully creative diversity. This second effort has been a natural progression and we’ve yet to repeat ourselves musically.”

Cherone is joined in the band by his brother and guitarist Mark, bassist Joe Pessia and drummer Dana Spellman.

Retrogrenade tracklist

  1. Rock N’ Roll Cliche

  2. Hello, I Must Be Going

  3. Big Government

  4. I Still Do

  5. Sing A Song (My Mia)

  6. Anymore (Don’t Want My Love)

  7. Where Do We Go From Here

  8. A Melody For You

  9. Wonder What

  10. Walk Away

  11. Goodbye

  12. Pump It Up