Holy Vision: Dave Grohl parties with a little help from his friends

And Dave Grohl certainly didn’t disappoint on his 45th, pulling the strings to score the 17,500-capacity Forum in Los Angeles and the most jaw-dropping guestlist imaginable to celebrate with him.

After a revealing tweet from the band only three days before, Foo Fighters tore through a 32-song set at the special gig last month covering their entire career and featuring spots from (deep breath) Zakk Wylde, Lemmy, Alice Cooper, Slash, Perry Farrell, Paul Stanley, Jack Black, Nick Oliveri and David Lee Roth, who all joined the Foos to cover everything from Sabbath to Chuck Berry to Queen classics, turning a super-arena in Los Angeles into the world’s coolest rock’n’roll karaoke bar.

Those present knew they were witnessing a once-in-a-lifetime experience, although with an address book like Dave’s and the shit-eating grins from those up onstage, don’t rule out a repeat performance any time soon.

Also, given that all proceeds from the concert were given to the Rock School Scholarship Fund and the Sweet Relief and Musicare charities, a second stab at it seems fairly obvious. Same time next year, chaps?/o:p