Heallyeah single aims to highlight domestic violence


Hellyeah will release a single entitled Hush on March 13 in a bid to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Chad Gray’s lyrics aim to support the values of the No More organisation and its current week-long programme of campaigns across the US. His words carry a message to those who have had to deal with the issue.

Hellyeah say: “The lyrics to Hush discuss Chad’s personal experience growing up in a home with domestic violence, and aim to shed light on a hidden subject while letting other survivors know they’re not alone.”

The band add: “No More is a unifying movement focused on engaging bystanders to end violence and sexual assault. No More Week is designed to spark conversations around the issues, and galvanise communities, organisation and corporations to make them a priority.”

More than two million people in the UK are thought to be victims of domestic abuse every year, with three times as many women as men suffering attacks. More than 900,000 incidents were recorded to police between 2013 and 2014. Over 150,000 children are believed to live in homes where there’s a high risk of violence.

The National Centre for Domestic Violence offers help and support for those at risk in the UK.