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Hacktivist release tour mixtape

Hacktivist have launched a digital mixtape featuring remixes, covers and previously unheard material

The rap-metal outfit initially gave the compilation away for free on their UK tour by giving fans cards that allowed access to a private stream. It can now be streamed below.

The third track honours the late Dimebag Darrell, founding member of Pantera, who was shot on stage while performing with his other band Damageplan in Ohio in 2004.

Hacktivist say: “We’re excited to be working with UNFD, and also Rise Records in the US, for our debut album. We’ve known the UNFD guys for a while as they released our mini-album in Australia. As big fans of Northlane, In Hearts Wake and a lot of the other stuff they release, we can’t believe we’re able to join the family properly and smash the fuck out of 2016.”

The mixtape comes as the band prepare for the release of their debut album, which is to be released in spring 2016.

Hacktivist mixtape tracklist

  1. Timfyjames: Intro Stomper
  2. Hacktivist: Blades (Timfyjames/Cold VIP)
  3. Timfyjames: Happy Birthday Dimebag
  4. Hacktivist: Black and white
  5. Timfyjames: Hacktivist (Remix)
  6. Hacktivist: Rock Superstar
  7. Hacktivist: And only time will tell
  8. Hacktivist: Deceive & Defy (Dawson Bannister Remix)
  9. Hacktivist: 5 on it
  10. Hacktivist: Rifftest
  11. Hacktivist: Elevate (Shikari Soundsystem Remix)
  12. Timfyjames: Wild one
  13. Timfyjames: Outro Stomper

Ex-news desk team member Christina is famous for her rock karaoke stints and was often hidden from view in the office due to her “wall of Tupperware”. Christina moved to the world of current affairs in 2016 but still loves her rock and metal.