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McKagan: I’d work with Stradlin for rest of my life

Duff McKagan trusts fromer Guns N’ Roses colleague Izzy Stradlin so completely that he wants to keep working with him for ever.

The pair have collaborated on a number of studio projects since leaving GnR decades ago, most recently when the guitarist worked on the bassist’s How To Be A Man EP, which ties in with his latest book.

McKagan tells Consequence Of Sound: “I’ve played on a bunch of Izzy’s records over the last 15 years and it was really nice to be in the studio with him for a couple of days.

“I really trust whatever he does. If he says, ‘I’ve got a part,’ I know he’s got a part. It’s not like, ‘Let me hear it.’ It’s like, ‘He’s got the part. Good – that’s taken care of.’”

Discussing the chance of working together in the future, he says: “I’d like to do more music with him. For the rest of my life.”

McKagan last month shot down the latest round of GnR reunion rumours, after a band biographer claimed he could persuade Axl Rose and Slash to talk out their differences. The bassist said: “That came out of left field for me. Little weird.”