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Geddy Lee: I miss playing live with my Rush buddies

Neil Peart, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson

Geddy Lee says he misses playing live with his Rush bandmates Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart.

The trio brought the curtain down of their lengthy career when they played their final show together in Los Angeles on August 1, 2015 – the last show on their celebrated R40 tour.

Since then, Lee has collaborated with Wintersleep on their 2016 track Territory and more recently released his Big Beautiful Book Of Bass

But asked if he misses touring with Rush, Lee tells The Chronicle Herald: “I don’t miss leaving my family. But I miss those three hours on stage with my buddies. That, especially in the last 10 years of touring, was so much fun and so gratifying.”

In January, Lee told UCR that he wouldn’t create music just for the sake of it, saying: “I have to feel that I have something to say. And that's really important to me. I don't want to just repeat and live off the fumes of my past.”

And asked by The Chronicle Herald if he could ever see a time when Rush might record together again or if they would stick to solo projects, Lee replies: “I don’t really know. Alex is turning into this super session guy. 

“He loves playing on other people’s records without the responsibilities of having to write anything other than his solo. I know he’s really digging that. 

“I’ve been doing the book, but we talk, quite a lot. We see each other quite a lot. And we visit with Neil quite often. So we’re all close but I don’t think we would ever do a project – the three of us. 

“It’s certainly possible that Alex and I would do something down the road. I can’t see the three of us ever really doing anything.”

Rush’s live history will be celebrated in the new book Wandering The Face Of The Earth, which will be published on October 15 via Insight Editions.

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