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Zappa’s final album out in June

Frank Zappa’s final album, Dance Me This, will finally be launched in June, it’s been confirmed.

Completed soon before he died of cancer in 1993, it will be the icon’s 100th official release.

Zappa said of the work before he’d finished it: “It’s a Synclavier album, designed to be used by modern dance groups. It’s probably not going to come out until next year.”

While a handful of tracks have appeared as bootlegs over the years, the full work has never been heard. Titles include Pachuco Gavotte, Goat Polo and five-movement work Wolf Harbour. It’s also said to include vocal work by Chinese throat-singers.

Zappa’s estate have confirmed it’s his “LAST album” and add: “It’s the last title FX finished along with Trance-Fusion – the last chapter in his masterwork Civilization Phaze III. This is is, #100. Tap your foot algorithmically to this.”

Full details, including precise release date, will be revealed in due course. Dance Me This is available for pre-order via Zappa’s website.