Foo Fighters release Times Like Those – 'a trip through space, time and rock'

A pic of Foo Fighters' times like those film
(Image credit: Foo Fighters)

Dave Grohl has made the most of the downtime that's come from being stuck within a raging global pandemic. Not content with entering into the most wholesome showdown rock'n'roll has ever seen with Ipswich schoolgirl Nandi Bushell, he's now joined forces with his fellow Foos to release Times Like Those – a short film which traverses the band's 25 years at rock's frontlines. 

Times Like Those captures footage of the band watching themselves at various points over the last 25 years, with band members providing "merciless firsthand commentary" about the scenes they're observing. Yes, you're watching the band watching themselves. It's all very meta. 

The film can be viewed in full below.

Foo Fighters will also be appearing as part of Amazon Music’s Holiday Plays series on December 15. A feel-good Christmas concert in true "pageant" tradition, a statement on the event promises "something new, something festive, and a few everlong—sorry—evergreen numbers". 

The Holiday Plays series is being hosted by Lil Nas X and will take place via the Amazon Music Twitch channel, every Tuesday from 1-15 December at 8pm ET. You can also catch performances from Miley Cyrus and Kiana Ledé as part of the series. 

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