Fish On Friday trail Godspeed


Fish On Friday have launched a mini-rockumentary on the making of third album Godspeed.

It features guest star Theo Travis alongside bass and backing vocals from Nick Beggs, who says: “I really like the material – it has a nice pop sound and an aspect of progressive rock I can really relate to. It’s been a very nice experience. I only work with nice people and I’ve stayed faithful to that.”

Keyboardist William Beckers says of saxophonist and flautist Travis’ input: “He played some great stuff.”

The follow-up to 2012’s Airbourne was released this week via Esoteric Antenna.


  1. Godspeed

  2. Just A Nightmare

  3. She Colours The Rainbow

  4. Callin’ Planet Home

  5. Ghost Song

  6. Radio

  7. Sanctuary

  8. Stay

  9. Don’t Love Me To Death

  10. Tick Tock

  11. My Dog