Falling In Reverse plan 'huge left turn'


Falling In Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke says the band will focus on “feeling” on their upcoming fourth record.

Hinting at a departure from their heavier roots, Radke says the successor to 2015’s Just Like You will sound like “nothing they have ever done before.”

He tells Alternative Press: “It’s a huge left turn. Every song is very vibey, There’s more feeling in it instead of a lot of metal. We’re challenging ourselves now more than we ever have in the weirdest ways possible, because you would think writing the craziest solo or riffs would be the challenging part.

“But the challenging part is trying to stick to a theme and not go all over the place like we would normally do.”

In November, guitarist Jacky Vincent left after five years with the band to work on his solo project.

He said: “I can’t thank Ronnie, Derek and Ryan enough for the last five years – I will most likely never laugh as hard again in my life.

“I feel proud to have played with such brilliant musicians and I will miss touring with them enormously. I am forever grateful.”