Exploding Eyes Orchestra launch Two-Zero 13


Jess And The Ancient Ones side-project The Exploding Eyes Orchestra have premiered their debut video with Prog – view Two-Zero 13 below.

Led by guitarist and songwriter Thomas Corpse, the band features five of the seven Ancient Ones. They’ll launch their first album, I, on June 15 via Svart Records.

It was recorded in Finland during the winter of 2013-14, along with material that will appear on follow-up, II, next year.

Corpse – who wanted to explore compositions that didn’t match the Ancient Ones concept – insists that although the sessions were relaxed, the music isn’t “jam-based tracks but strong, carefully-planned compositions.”

Last year he said: “The material has a lots refreshing elements within it, but one will definitely still identify the creators.”

I is available for pre-order now.