Exodus, Minor Threat and more on tonight's Metal Hammer Radio Show


We love a bit of thrash here at Metal Hammer (who'd have guessed it?) which is why we've got the WORLD EXCLUSIVE broadcast of the new Exodus track Salt The Wound featuring Kirk Hammett on guest guitar solo.

We’ll also be playing some of our favourites from Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Iron Maiden, Skindred, Venom, Empress AD, Queens Of The Stone Age and Hang The Bastard.

And we talk about the absolute hero that is Bill Murray who was honoured at the Toronto Film Festival with a special day dedicated to him. A big deal for anyone, really. But this got us thinking…

If you were given a day of your own in which you could do anything you wanted, what would you do and why?

Tune in to Team Rock Radio online or on DAB tonight at 9pm.