EXCLUSIVE: Nunslaughter – Angelic Dread stream

Underground extreme metal legends Nunslaughter are back with their first full-length studio album in seven years and Metal Hammer is proud to be premiering a new track from it, the vicious and gleefully blasphemous Three Nails One Liar. Check it out below!

Angelic Dread

Angelic Dread marks a wholesale return to action for these diehard purveyors of sonic filth, with a European tour booked for later in 2014 (although sadly no UK date… sort it out, chaps!). The album is a double disc set, with the second disc boasting a generous helping of re-recorded classics picked from the band’s extraordinary catalogue of vinyl-only and split releases. We spoke with founder member and frontman Don Of The Dead for the low-down on Angelic Dread and Nunslaughter’s ongoing campaign to spread their unholy gospel around the world.

This is your first full-length album in seven years… why did you decide to make one now? And what does Angelic Dread represent in the ongoing story of Nunslaughter?

DOTD: “We had no intention of doing another full-length album but once we started writing songs we realised we had so many songs that we might as well just do a full album. Since we do few shows each year we spend most of our time writing. This album shows that we are still hear and able to write and produce a full-length studio album. It’s a breath of life into an old band! It’s an album I am very proud of.”

Your dedication to low-key vinyl releases is legendary… why do you prefer to operate on that deep underground level?

DOTD: “I am a collector of vinyl and it makes me happy to create each piece and reflect on how it came to be. The songs, the art and all the creativity that goes into each seven-inch are satisfying. We don’t rely on the band to make a living so I am not overly concerned about making our money back. This is all about the music and art of creating.”

It’s 27 years since the band started… what have been the biggest highs and lows over the years?

DOTD: “In 1996 when I was moving around the country, that was just about the low point for the band because its future was uncertain but Jim [Nunslaughter drummer, Jim Sadist] and I kept in touch and kept writing during the three or more years I was travelling. Holding our first LP in my hands is definitely one of the high points in my musical career. I also think being on stage in Tokyo was huge for me.”

How did you choose the songs that you re-recorded for the new album’s second disc?

DOTD: “It was not an easy task but the three of us sat down and picked the songs that we each liked and thought needed to be re-recorded. From there it was just a matter of practicing and seeing which ones we thought we could do a bit better. We also wanted to bring to light some of the songs we play live that may not be available any longer. This is our attempt to bring some of the newer Nunslaughter fans into the fold and give them an idea of how many damn songs we really have.”

What can people expect from your live show when you hit Europe later this year?

DOTD: “We are teaming up Demonical and Warfect for one whirlwind tour. 17 dates in just as many days. Nunslaughter has a new guitarist and bassist and they are hungry to prove to people they are warriors!”

Order Angelic Dread here now.

Dom Lawson

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