Exclusive: Ghold stream new album Of Ruin in full


Sludgey noise merchants Ghold are gearing up to release their second full-length Of Ruin next week and we’re streaming it for you right now!

Recorded and mixed over four days by Dan Miller at London School of Sound, Paul and Aleks say the process was “an intense and inspirational experience, and with Dan we built a home in which to achieve the many ideas that frame the album, and give ourselves ample room to go hard and hammer each nail into the Gholden skull. Each song we consider within a series of movements, each sharing a vision, finishing where the next started but retaining separate identities and individual senses of momentum.

The band describe the foundations of the record as their “fragmented dreams and abstracted experience. A necessary gurgling-out of semi-autobiographical and appreciated desperation.

They conclude: “We like to venture through the trans-dimensional barriers of inner/outer destruction, paranoia, confusion and balls-out sonic experience. Our Gholem’s nuts have dropped! We are rising the bloated carcass of the inverted Ouroborous all the way back up to Hell!”

Of Ruin is out 16th March via Ritual Productions.

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