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Exclusive: Devastating doomsters Witch Mountain reveal new track!

If you want to transcend the limits of your chosen genre, one way of doing it is to get a mindblowing singer, which is just what Portland Oregon’s Witch Mountain did when they recruited Uta Plotkin back in 2009.

A doom band they may be, but the fluid and utterly exhilarating essence is Uta’s voice, a blues-infused thing of wonder mapping out emotional contours that both roots Witch Mountain in the deepest of traditions yet takes them on journeys far beyond doom’s stock set of mannerisms.

Out on October 6 via redoubtable labels Svart in Europe, and Profound Lore in the US, the band’s forthcoming opus, Mobile Of Angels is doom as a devotional tending of wounds and a slow-burning rite of devastation, and we’re mightily proud to present a taster in the gradually shifting form of the album’s near-nine-minute-long opening track, Psycho Animundi, a track that bypasses the occult leanings of their peers, but one whose personal exorcism is radiant with dark, brooding magick nonetheless. Loosen your grip on the here and now and sink into Witch Mountain below!

Escape to Witch Mountain’s Facebook page here!

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