Evanescence not over yet


Evanescence singer Amy Lee insists Evanescence have not split – they’re just not working on anything at the moment.

Following the birth of her son Jack earlier this year, she said she had “no plans” to work with the band in the foreseeable future. Now she says she gets frustrated when fans post online comments insisting the group are through.

She tells Sixx Sense With Nikki Sixx: “It’s frustrating sometimes when you read the Internet. I get a little frustrated when I say, ‘No, the band is not over, we’re just not doing it now.’ And then every response is, ‘Evanescence is dead.’ It’s like, ‘That’s not what I said. Why do you have to make drama?’

“I’m totally open-minded. I don’t know, I would just get bored doing the same thing forever. There’s more to me than that.”

She released a collaboration album with composer Dave Eggar titled Aftermath in August. It was recorded for the film War Story. And she said the album was a departure from her usual output.

She said: “It’s going to surprise my fans – it’s not what you’d expect. The film is very dark, very introspective. There are a lot of moments where Dave and I just build walls of sound out of blaring cellos, trombones, synthesisers and harp. It’s not a soundtrack, it’s an atmosphere.”

Evanescence’s last release was their 2011 self-titled third album.