Ensiferum's One Man Army set for February release


Ensiferum have confirmed their new album One Man Army will be released on February 23 next year.

The Finnish folk metal outfit have wrapped up recording of their sixth album at Astia Studio in Lappeenranta, Finland with producer Anssi Kippo in the last few weeks.

Singer/guitarist Petri Lindroos says: “We worked hard and long days one after another while Kippo kicked our asses to make us do the very best, and you can hear that in this album. It’s a killer album with killer sound. I’m very proud to a part of this masterpiece.”

One Man Army is the follow-up to 2012’s Unsung Heroes, and bassist Sami Hinkka says it contains no filler.

He adds: “We can’t express our gratitude enough for Mr Anssi Kippo, who never lost his nerves, was full of crazy ideas and worked like a madman for weeks. The shortest working day was 12 hours and the average was around 16 hours.

“The material is pretty diverse and each song tells a tale of its own instead of being a crappy copy of previous song – so no fillers included.”