Effa Lente debut available to stream


Effa Lente’s debut album is available to stream in its entirety.

The Effa Lente Configuration: Parts 1-4 is one track, masterminded by Irish multi-instrumentalist and former Graveyard Dirt guitarist David Alfred Reilly.

He says: “There were many times during the writing and recording of this album that I thought that it would never be finished. And even if it was finished, would I know it? That, I think, is the hardest part. But, as they say, it is never finished, you just stop working on it. So I did, and here it is.”

The 45-minute record is inspired by a Quentin Tarantino movie. Reilly says he thought to write a piece of music where, much like a movie, the resolution of various parts wouldn’t necessarily happen immediately.

He adds: “They could happen somewhere later in the piece. And also, not everything in the music would be about the plot, it would go off at various tangents in between the main events. Again, just like the movie.”

The album is out now.