Devon Allman keeps live shows real for son


Devon Allman took his son to see the Rolling Stones on their US tour – but deliberately kept him away from experiencing any VIP treatment.

Allman says his 15-year-old is used to watching him play – and has seen Devon’s father Gregg in concert many times. But he wanted his son to experience a live show the way most people do.

He tells Oregon Live: “I’m like, ‘It doesn’t count when you’re on the side of the stage and everything’s free and there’s no waiting in line and no sweating. I want to take you to a real concert, no VIP. You know, like, nosebleed seats and I want you to wait in line for an hour to get that t-shirt.’

“I just wanted him to experience a concert how it really is and he had a blast.”

Allman is enjoying life as a solo performer, having left supergroup the Royal Southern Brotherhood earlier this year.

His latest album was 2014’s Ragged & Dirty – and he recently discovered he’d be sharing a stage with dad Gregg at the Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, which runs from July 2-5.

Allman says: “I didn’t know he was on the bill. It’s always just cool being able to catch up backstage. A few years ago, I officially became busier than him, as far as just volume of touring and the clip at which I’ve been putting records out, so I never get to see him.”

Gregg Allman will play the TeamRock-sponsored Ramblin’ Man Fair at Mote Park, on July 26.