Dee Snider releases new video Stand (For Ukraine) and launches awareness campaign

Dee Snider has released a reworked version of the video for his 2021 single Stand to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine. 

Retitled Stand (For Ukraine), the new video features peformance footage of the former Twisted Sister frontman cut in with images from the current war in Ukraine.

It coincides with the launch of World United Live, an online platform designed to help marshal support for the people of Ulkraine and also raise awareness among Russians who may be shielded from what is happening in the country.

It comes after Ukrainian protestors adopted Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take it as a rallying cry in their fight against the Russian military.

Says Snider: "About a month ago, someone on social media told me people in Ukraine were using Twisted Sister's 'We're Not Gonna Take It' as a battle cry, and asked if I was cool with it. Of course I was. My response elicited someone asking me why I was okay with Ukrainians using my song and not some other groups. I won't repeat my exact response (it was a bit political), but that tweet went internationally viral. Every news agency in the world suddenly wanted to talk to me.

At that very moment, some great people (who were all friends of mine) were hatching the idea for World United Live and asked me if I would spearhead the organisation. How could I say no? Since then, we have been beating the drum for the free world to come together, not only in support of Ukraine and condemnation of Putin, but in sending a message to the Russian people that they are misinformed and not being told the truth. Now, with the help of the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others, we are doing just that!”

The video is available to watch on the World United LIve website.

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