Dave Mustaine: Megadeth beer isn't a vanity project

Dave Mustaine
Dave Mustaine (Image credit: Getty)

Dave Mustaine says he wants his A Tout Le Monde ale to serve as both a “social lubricant” and a glue to bring music and beer lovers together.

Named after a song from Megadeth’s 1994 album Youthanasia, the Belgian-style brew was launched by craft brewery Unibroue last week – and the vocalist says it’s been a “huge” success so far.

He tells Eddie Trunk on Sirius XM (via Blabbermouth): “It’s been a huge smash. The first run’s completely sold out. We flew past all of their expectations and they’re scrambling right now to get the next batch made.

“I heard recently that they sold 240 cases in one day in Tampa. That’s just one city in the nation, and they distribute to five continents. I can see now why Iron Maiden did it.”

Mustaine, who released his own wine Symphony in 2014, says branching out into the drinks market has never been a vanity project for him.

Referring to bands such as AC/DC, Mastodon and New Order, who have all brewed their own beers, he says: “Maybe these dudes got into it just to slap their name on a can of beer or something like that.

“I did this because we did the wine – so that there was something really cool that would be a social lubricant with everybody. But it would also be like an adhesive, where everybody would come together, with the two worlds colliding.”

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