Lombardo and Benante named thrash legends


Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and Anthrax counterpart Charlie Benante have been named thrash legends.

They were handed awards for their pioneering work in the genre at last night’s annual Bonzo Bash, held in California to commemorate Led Zeppelin sticksman John Bonham.

Benante told an audience of fellow musicians: “This is such an honour. Why do we do it? We’re drummers and we love it. If what we did or do inspires someone then that’s the greatest.”

Lombaro pointed out the pair’s award plaques weren’t as accurate as they could have been: “It says ‘inspiring drumming since 1986.’ My first album was released in 83. I’ll take Charlie’s because his says 84.”

Organisers light-heartedly pointed out: “At least your names are spelled correctly. We should have said ‘for many many decades.’ We’ll take them back and fix them.”

Lombardo then performed Led Zep classic_ Stairway To Heaven_ along with house band The Moby Dicks, including Whitesnake’s Michael Devin and ex-colleague Brian Tichy.

Slayer are currently completing work on their first album since the death of guitarist Jeff Hanneman, featuring Paul Bostaph in Lombardo’s place. Anthrax are also working on a record. Both are expected later this year.