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Crown The Empire confirm split with Vogelman

Crown The Empire have confirmed they’ve split with guitarist Bennett Vogelman and say they will continue as a five-piece.

The Texas metalcore outfit confirmed Vogelman’s departure in a Facebook post, which reads: “Crown will remain a five-piece. Don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere. We’re just getting started.”

In a statement on his blog, Vogelman insists there is no bad blood and that “personal growth” meant he was heading down “a different path.”

He adds: “Coming of age as a part of CTE provided an education I could never have imagine in school – living the dream playing music with my best friends. The guys in CTE are family. We spent four years fighting to make our dreams come true.

“Those guys played a big part in shaping who I am today. I’m extremely grateful for all I learned from them, and all we went through together.

“I’m sure you’ll continue to show the band that love. The energy you all give back is incredibly powerful. I wish the band all the best.”

CTE last month released a re-issue of their second album The Resistance. A video for Cross Our Bones was also unveiled.