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Corey Taylor shares room-trashing tips

Corey Taylor
Taylor trash: Corey's only done it once (Image credit: Getty)

Corey Taylor has revealed his tips for trashing hotel rooms – even though he says he’s only done it once.

The Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman offered the light-hearted advice during his appearance on BBC Radio 4 panel show The Museum Of Curiosity.

Asked whether he’d indulged in room-trashing, Taylor said: “I did once, years ago when I was still drinking.

“I don’t recommend it, because they pile on charges that you didn’t know you’d accrued.

“But this was back in the days of tube TVs, which do a lot of damage – especially when you get a good strong cord and you start waving it about.

“I didn’t break the window, but I broke the wall.”

Later in the episode, Taylor discusses his theories on alien abduction explains why he’d like a deep-fried chicken wing preserved for posterity.

Slipknot are currently touring North America with Marilyn Manson – a trip that was delayed while Taylor underwent emergency surgery breaking his neck without knowing it.

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